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We are a US based incorporated academic writing company having been in the writing industry for 10 years being active players helping students across the globe.


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Our professional writers are highly qualified university graduates mainly from Canada, UK, US, who are skilled at completing academic assignments keeping with their education system, regulations and your specifications.Also we have trained support officers who deal with your concern. They also ensure our prices remain lower than those charged by our competitors.


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Having established ourselves a global leader in custom writing services, you have our full confidence when it comes to ordering dissertations, thesis papers, research papers, term papers, sample essays, speeches, book reports and other writing work.


We assure you that the product you receive from USAEliteWriters.com is authentic and has been only served to you, so you do not have to worry about any issues of plagiarism with your institutions of learning.  The product you get from will not be resold at all to any third party, and can never be reused in further research on any of our subsequent papers.