The overall project working is fine.

In addition to the above can he make a sub-note with the following specific points as a separate assignment for the same data in 7 pages. Please charge me the fairest for this

Requirement of 7 pages notes is as under in detail:

1) Introduction
a) Defining problem statement
b) Need of the study/project
c) Understanding business/social opportunity
2)Data Report
a) Understanding how data was collected in terms of time, frequency and methodology
b) Visual inspection of data (rows, columns, descriptive details)
c) Understanding of attributes (variable info, renaming if required)
3) Exploratory data analysis
a) Univariate analysis (distribution and spread for every continuous attribute, distribution of data in categories for categorical ones)
b) Bivariate analysis (relationship between different variables , correlations)
a) Removal of unwanted variables
b) Missing Value treatment
d) Outlier treatment
e) Variable transformation (if applicable)
f) Addition of new variables
4) Insights from EDA
a) Is the data unbalanced ? If so, what can be done ?
b) Any insights using clustering  (if applicable)
c) Any other Insights