Who will write my paper?

Your paper will be written by experienced experts in the respective field of study. Our writers are highly qualified, given that they are professional in various disciplines, holding a bachelor’s degree, masters as well as PhD degrees. They undergo tough recruitment process before ultimately joining our winning team of writers. These include such as grammar test, paper formatting and referencing styles as well as proof of academic achievement in the relevant fields.

How do I place my order with you?

To place an order for paper writing, you need to visit the order request form on our website, and fill it to completion before submitting it to us. The order request form provides a guideline on what information we need about the paper and yourself for us to be able to work on your paper effectively. When the writer is done with your paper, we notify you, and provide a link to our website where you collect your paper from. Alternatively you may login to the website where you had placed the order and collect your professionally written paper.

Are there chances that the paper will be plagiarized?

There is no plagiarism on our papers. We pass our entire papers through plagiarism checker before forwarding the same to you. Also, we always write the papers from scratch, doing the referencing on all the scholarly materials used in writing your paper, in accordance to the paper rubric on formatting and referencing. Our plagiarism software is strong enough to detect even the advanced form of plagiarism on the paper, unlike the usual TurnitIn used in the universities and colleges. We do not charge for checking plagiarism.

Do you keep copies of the orders you have written in the past for reselling?

No. we neither keep your data nor the essay that we write for reselling. We always write our papers from scratch.

What if I am not pleased by the final version of the paper you provide?

In the event you are not satisfied by the final version of the paper, you can always place a revision request in the order page on our website, accompanied by comments on what you would like to be rectified. We do not charge for revisions.

Can you help me in completing multiple choice tests?

We do not give direct answers to the learners, multiple choice tests, and other online tests require that the writer will have to provide a direct answer to your question. As such, we do not assist in multiple choice tests, and if you happen to ask such assistance, we definitely cancel the order and refund you the amount deposited with us.  In addition, we are not able to approximate the amount of intellectual engagement to the writer in responding to your multiple choice test as it is for the essays, which would imply nonequivalent pay to the writer for the work done.

I paid for one order twice, what should I do?

If this happens, you will have definitely received two receipts from the PayPal or Skrill. You should contact our customer support with the evidence of the receipts, and the extra money will be refunded to you within 3-4 working days upon examination and verification of the same by our pay specialists.