The Clifton Strengths assessment

In this section, you will complete and explain the results of the CliftonStrengths assessment. CliftonStrengths is a leadership assessment tool that will help you identify and apply your top five categorical strengths to become a more effective leader.

This section is an analysis of your leadership.

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The Clifton Strengths assessment
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Refer to your results from the CliftonStrengths assessment.

You must upload your PDF version of your Signature Themes report when you submit your final paper.

Explain what the results might indicate about you as a leader. You must explain your top five categorical strengths results. Be descriptive and provide examples.

Your explanation should include: a separate paragraph for each strength category, the category title, your results, and

your reflection on the results including both descriptive and explanatory examples.

This reflection is not related to theory. Provide citations where needed.






Abstract: The aim of the CliftonStrengths Assessment was for us to better understand the kind of leaders we all are. This assessment asked several questions which we answered according to what best describes who we are.










Table Of Contents



Strengths —————————————————————————————-4-7

Assessment Results————————————————————————–8-10


Actionable Improvements—————————————————————10-11














Victoria Mukisa

Vincent Franklin, Ph.D.

Managing Organizations and Leading People


Clifton Strengths

The aim of the CliftonStrengths Assessment is to aid individuals in discovering properly utilizing their strengths within leadership roles. This assessment asks several questions that showcase the user’s strengths and leadership styles. My Freshman year of college, my basketball Coach required me to take this test pre-season. At the time, I viewed the test as another mark on my to do list. Now that I’ve gotten older, see how its results tell me a lot about my leadership potential.

With age comes growth and I can agree that I am not the same person I was at the start of my undergraduate studies. My passions, interests, values and maturity levels have evolved. My top five strengths were Restorative, Includer, Futuristic, Adaptability and Communication. After taking the test and reading in depth about my results, I was not really surprised. I believe that all five strengths reflect who I am; not only personally but also my leadership styles.

My top strength is Restorative. This refers to someone who is easily adaptable and skilled at problem solving. This skill requires quick thinking and flexibility..I have a long history of facing adversities and discovering ways to creatively solve them. After immigrating to The United States from Uganda at the age of nine, I was immediately faced with culture shock. . For years, I was ridiculed for who I was. My accent, food, appearance, and culture made me a quick target for bullies throughout grade school. I began to understand life in the United States and adapted accordingly. . As I assimilated , the bullying lessened as I began to blend into the norms and expectations of my new life. .

These early experiences taught me to accept myself. Adapting to situations is a challenging yet beneficial skill that will continue to serve me. Because my early life experiences taught me about cultural sensitivity, I have grace and patience in my interactions with other people, especially when their culture or understanding differs from my own. With grace and patience, I can empathize and identify a person’s issue and create a strategy to resolve the issue at hand.

From the insight given by the assessment, I would say that as a leader I can easily adapt to all that is thrown at me. This is something that I see with my employment. Due to the shortage of staff across every within my department and all of healthcare, I have had to cover and fill the roles of my coworker’s countless times over the last year. Whenever co-workers call out, I volunteer to take on another role because of how life has always felt like it was out of my control.

Adapting was always something that I became very accustomed to at an early age. As a leader, I believe this strength allows me to lead with grace. With grace, I can be understanding of the situations the team I am leading is experiencing. I believe that as a leader, your goal is to pull the best out of your team. However, it is important to understand that life happens and when this happens, a leader needs to be able to adapt to not only the situation at hand but also the individual dealing with the situation.

The second strength listed was Includer, this strength was not a surprise to me at all. The includer strength specifies that a person with this strength accepts others. They “show awareness of those who feel left out and make an effort to include them”. This strength reminds me of my first ever AAU team practice, it was a horrible experience for me. I believe after that practice I almost quit basketball. It was my first experience with an organized team, instead of feeling welcomed I was ridiculed because I didn’t know much about the game.

The side banter by parents, players as well as coaches discouraged my growth. It made me feel as if I did not belong there at all and that was not a great feeling. When I am in a setting that includes people, I aim to make sure that everyone feels included in the space that they are in. I find it easy to make a person included and comfortable and included by cracking a joke or simply putting a smile on their face. For one to successfully play their role, I believe that one must be their true self that way they are comfortable.

As a future leader in healthcare, this strength indicates that I am indeed a person that values the feelings of those around me. When I look back at the times I felt excluded from activities, experiences and growth, I realize how important it is to make sure that those around me feel included. When a person feels included, they feel valued. They can let their guard down, share personal goals, and be able to contribute their ideas comfortably to others without feeling judged. I aim to be a leader that can make each member of the team feel comfortable in what & who they are. When different perspectives & ideas are able to be shared, it opens various gateways as to how the goal can be attained.

As a person that thinks and worries about my future constantly, the Futuristic goal made sense completely. Most of my day-to-day thoughts are about my future specifically. Mainly about what kind of daughter, sister, cousin and aunt I will be. I also think about things like my career, who I will marry and if my family will be proud of the woman I would’ve become. My future is very important to me because I know how hard my family and village of people worked to put me in the position I am now.

I believe that my life is bigger than mine. The next generation depends on who I am in the future. The strength of futuristic people is that they are inspired by the future and what it could be. This strength influences my interactions with others because it allows me to be able to think about their own future goals. I am constantly reiterating to my fellow friends about the importance of visualizing their own future in the next two, five and ten years because it is very vital. If a future can’t be seen, how can one know what to manifest and work towards.

Being a futuristic leader has a lot to do with mental strength and grit. I say all of this because it is vital to understand that life is and will happen. When life happens, how a person responds plays an ultimate role as to how they will proceed with their next obstacle. What I try to instill in others’ doubt is their own ability to see the bigger picture. The bigger picture being their dreams, goals and future. In order to have a future, one must have goals and dreams.

My next strength goes hand in hand with my first goal. According to the assessment, my fourth strength is adaptability. I would like to reiterate that adapting has never been an issue for me at all, especially being an immigrant. I’ve always had to adapt and blend in with the rest of society. The results also state that adaptive people tend to typically be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time”. I have a tattoo that quotes “Do not let what you cannot do take from your hands what you can ”. The meaning behind is simple; control what I can control. I can only control my “now”, in order to do so I must live in the present. This strength influences how I interact with others because it allows me to help center others’ focus and mindset. There is absolutely nothing wrong with visualizing the future but by being present, you are lying to the foundation to see the future.

My strength of adaptability has shaped the person I am now. The goal of adaptability showcases my ability to adjust and succeed to whatever situation is presented to me. As a leader, the adaptability strength plays very positively in my favor because I have been through every season of life. Through these seasons of my life, I feel that I can share my own personal story if needed; thus, making connecting and relating to team members simple and comfortable.

My final strength according to the assessment was communication. Communication plays a very vital part when it comes to any human interaction. Regarding the assessment, this strength states that those with this ability “find it easy to put their thoughts into words. They are good conversationalists and presenters”. As a leader, it is important to understand the value of communication.

Through communication, creativity, problem-solving, and accountability can be both attained and sustained. My coaches throughout my basketball journey always emphasized the importance of communication because it served as a way to notify not only my coaches but also my teammates about my current activities and times when I needed a grace period. When interacting with others, I do expect them to communicate early and frequently. By communicating, a solution can be found.

Assessment Results: Servant Leadership

After taking the assessment, receiving results, and understanding the leadership theories, I would say that I am a servant leader. Servant leadership defines a person that puts other people’s needs, aspirations, and interests above their own (Sendjaya & Sarros, 2002).

When referring back to the strength assessment and the examples given, I definitely agree that the servant leadership theory defines who I am as a leader strongly. A few characteristics of

servant leaders include nurturing, trustworthy, and lastly adaptability.

Benevolent dependability means to be a supportive and dependable person. This value is

particularly relevant to servant leaders’ focus on developing others, and should have a direct impact on their emotional healing, empowering and helping behaviors (Sun & Shang, 2019).

The aim of servant leaders is to ultimately serve others, by emphasizing the importance of development; servant leaders can be deemed as nurtures.

As a leader it is important to develop others especially individually because this allows for the individual to feel safe & understood and for the leader to be seen as trustworthy. Trustworthiness plays hand in hand with nurturing because in order for an individual to respect & receive the information being given to them, they need to trust that the individual is providing the information that is coming from a genuine place and that the intentions are pure. This is very important to me because I am a better performer when I feel that the person leading me can both understand me and that I can trust them.

In addition to nurturing and trustworthiness, adaptability is also a strength when it comes to the servant leadership theory. I believe that this strength plays an important role not only in servant leadership but in all the other leadership theories. According to the article Servant Leadership, “Servant leadership and traditional leadership utilize different techniques and approaches to leadership and produce different results” (Team, 2022). When leading a team it is essential that leaders understand who each member is. Teams are typically composed of individuals that represent various backgrounds. The backgrounds of these individuals typically reflect their mannerisms, values, and motivation and need to be understood in order for success to be achieved. Situations and challenges are bound to happen in any organization, so it is essential that the leader at hand can properly utilize all avenues in order for high performance and results to be achieved.

Nurturing & trust are both great strength characteristics of servant leadership, however; they can also serve as barriers with how effective this type of leader can be. Pertaining to myself specifically, I have had situations where I served others but was taken advantage of. My ability to help nurture and being that I was a bit too trusting allowed those that I was supposed to lead to formulated the idea that I was “too” nice. The ability of trust also serves as a weakness in servant leadership because it takes time due to having to understand each and every single individual. In situations where I needed to hold individuals accountable, some were not able to receive my criticism because to them I was perceived as weak.

Being trusting is a great strength to have as a servant leader however it can also become a disadvantage because it is time consuming. According to the article Servant Leadership: The Cons of an otherwise ideal Leadership Theory published by cas5184 a “disadvantage to servant leadership is that it takes time to put in place” ( cas5184, 2022), As much as it is important to engage and understand each individual member, focusing so much on engaging and understanding each individual may take time away from the goal at hand. The aim of any leadership is to reach a goal, however if the leader over serves, it negatively impacts the primary goal.

Actionable Items

The first action a servant leader needs to take in order to improve their leadership effectiveness is to understand that it is indeed okay to be selfish sometimes. Servant leaders’ purpose is to serve others by nurturing them; however this may hinder their own moral compass, servant leaders ought to understand that they are not a “martyr”(Cordiner, 2022) . Being that the purpose of servant leaders is to serve, it is easy to get consumed and focus on everyone else’s needs, thus sacrificing their own needs causing a burnout and a loss of self & moral compass. When burnout & loss of self and moral compass happen, the leader loses their own identity therefore are not able to effectively serve others.

Secondly, in order to be effective as a servant leader; this leader has to be able to remember their overall obligation when leading. Servant leaders can sometimes get consumed by having to serve others that they lose all authority from those that they are leading. According to the journal Between You And Me: Setting Work-Nonwork Boundaries In The Context Of Workplace Relationships, “Boundaries are “physical, temporal, emotional, cognitive, and/or relational limits that help people to distinguish one entity from another (Trefalt, 2013).

Servant leaders have to understand that even though their purpose is to serve, they still have to manage lead. This requires leaders to be able to set boundaries and hold each member accountable for their role on the team day in and out. By setting boundaries, the individuals that the servant is leading have to understand that although the leader is there to serve them; the authority that the leader holds needs to be respected. It may feel as if the leader is being a micromanager rather than a server, but by setting boundaries this allows the servant leader to retain the respect of those that they are leading.

The last recommendable action I would suggest for a servant leader ties back to the previous paragraph. This action is something I highly value myself as I have been a part of great teams and organizations. When it comes to being a part of something that is bigger than you, every individual needs to understand their role and the expectations within the team and or organization.

Accountability essentially refers to an individuals’ responsibility, performance and actions in regards to their particular role (Browning , 2012). It is human nature to want to be a part of success, however when failure occurs; no one wants to take the blame. The important thing to understand is failure is a part of growth. When an individual is able to take ownership for their own shortcomings and mistakes, it allows servant leaders to give grace and provide ways for further development.

In order for me to improve my leadership and be effective, I need to be able to set boundaries and hold myself accountable. Setting boundaries is important because it would decrease the recurrence of burnout and allow for me to be respected as a leader. Serving others requires a lot of sacrifice because it requires a lot of giving which can become very draining, If I am not able to fill my own cup, there is absolutely no way I can be able to fill those that I am can leading, The best way to practice setting boundaries in servant leadership is to understand that although my goal is to serve others, I have to value myself and my needs as well.

In addition to setting boundaries, I believe that being able to hold myself accountable is an important goal to set in order to grow as a servant leader. Being a leader requires a lot of responsibility, with responsibility comes expectations. As a leader, you are expected to lead by example to help set the standard that way a culture can be built within the team or organization. The only way to lead by example is by managing to hold yourself accountable day in and out regardless of who is around. In my own terms I refer to this standard with the acronym “WOE” which means Woman Of Excellence. Each week I will vow to listen to myself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically because I know myself best. By valuing and asserting the term “WOE” into my weekly goals, I can measure how and if I held myself accountable that week. Focusing on these two goals will positively and effectively embody what it means to be a servant leader in my perspective. Leaders are essential not only in a workplace but also in society. They serve a critical role in communities, organizations and more importantly, life.

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